Ignore whitespace in Beyond Compare

When you compare code using Beyond Compare and see a big red block of difference, many times the difference is actually just of tabs or space. It can be set as not-important text and then Beyond Compare can hide these differences.

Here is how you can ignore the leading and trailing whitespace:

Beyond Compare 3

Start with comparing two file. In the window that comes up, go to Session menu, and click Session Settings. Switch to Importance tab, and there you go! Things are a bit differently organized, but it’s here.

Important Note: Do not forget to change the value of the bottom dropdown to  “Also update session defaults”.

Beyond Compare 2

Go to Tools > Options > Rules. Select  “Everything Else ” at the bottom. Click Edit. Go to Importance tab and check Leading Whitespace and Trailing Whitespace. Finally, close all boxes. That”s it!

Here I have assumed that you are comparing aspx or .vb/.cs files. If you are comparing file types which are defined in Beyond Compare, you need to select the appropriate rule instead of everything else.

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